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For children from 3 years old - Pdf to download and print - 15 pages

A complete file to approach the plastic arts in kindergarten:

the discovery of materials and colors, from the hand to the tool, from the trace to the investment in space, space and time, the mastery of the gesture and the development of a complete project.

The objectives are varied:

-encourage children to discover materials (paint, ink, chalk, etc.) and colors, -Have the child discover gestures (depositing, spreading, mixing, etc.),

-learn the good behavior of the different tools,

- make the child aware of the need to organize the space and its limits according to the size of the support,

- set up chronological benchmarks,

-to lead the child towards more controlled lines, towards a better construction and a better management of his graphic space,

-apply techniques to express ideas, feelings, thoughts ...


Discover our educational sheets dedicated to the plastic arts in kindergarten.


Plastic art educational sheet

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